September 2016



Patrick Y. Kim, President of APAA

These days, sharing of up-to-date information becomes common sense also in IP field. Although we have established the internet homepage of the association that provides a wealth of information, it is lacking a forum for members to timely receive updates about important developments in our field. Thus, in order to keep pace and to provide our members with added services, it is time for the APAA to publish newsletters in electronic form and, developing a mobile application as a communication tool for the benefit of our members.

Notably, the APAA website has some limitations in that it can only provide information to those who visit the site. On the other hand, by developing an e-newsletter, we will not only be able to disseminate valuable information to our members, we will be able to promote ourselves to both members and non-members by delivering our knowledge and information through emails. In fact, a mobile application can even actively send a notice or alarm for people wanting to be updated on certain developments.

An e-Newsletter may contain IP related information from the APAA jurisdictions including the 18 Recognized Groups as well as information on matters concerning activities of the APAA. In view of the APAA’s diverse membership, a newsletter providing information on important developments and trends in the IP field from the various jurisdictions can become a very attractive and valuable source of information.

Another benefit we can expect from an “APAA e-Newsletter” is that it will broaden the opportunity for APAA members to participate in APAA activities, as members will be able to contribute articles relating to their specific jurisdictions. This will be a win-win for the members who receive the newsletter articles as well as for the members who contribute the newsletter articles.

Further, the newsletter articles may also draw greater attention from non-members who may read an interesting article from time to time, which may add to our visibility and add to our membership.

All the above benefits can be possible if an APAA e-Newsletter provides good information and carefully listens to the opinions of the readers.

The APAA e-Newsletter would include general information such as annual meetings and other activities of the APAA as well as substantive articles regarding developments in the IP laws within the APAA jurisdictions. Special reports and other matters may also be included as appropriate.

The APAA e-Newsletters may also include periodicals (e.g., quarterly) and special editions based on certain opportunities or needs, and I hope our members will enjoy benefits of the e-Newsletter.

Lastly, I would like to express my sincere appreciation to Mr. Casey An, Chair of the e-Newsletter group and members of the group to timely publish the first issue of the APAA e-Newsletter.

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